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Wow! It’s Kim Dao!

With all of the videos on Youtube, it takes serious talent and skill to get noticed. Moreover, garnering millions of views on Youtube is a natural skill that cannot be taught. Furthermore, few people possess the level of talent that Kim Dao has. This multifaceted person effortlessly demonstrates her attention-grabbing acumen on Youtube. Furthermore, her Youtube channel has garnered several million views and counting. Not only is she talented, Kim Dao is also a role model to women everywhere. Aside from charming millions of people on her channel, Kim is an adept businesswoman.


Since a young age, Kim has put her creativity to use. Moreover, Kim remains in her youth. Therefore, she is only getting started. As evidenced in her videos, Kim is an esteemed traveler who adores makeup and fashion. Moreover, she hails from an educated background. While at the University of Western Australia, Kim studied Psychology and Japanese.


Since 2011, Kim Dao has blessed the world with her blogs. Her first foray into blogging began as a means to keep a record of her vacation in Japan. For those who know Kim Dao, they know how much she loves Japan and Japanese culture. As expected, her blogs began to gain a lot of attention. Therefore, she created her Youtube channel. In a nutshell, her Youtube channel consists of videos about her everyday life. Furthermore, Kim Dao has had the privilege of working with numerous brands. She has also been featured in numerous TV shows and news publications.


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