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With Dr. Andrew Manganaro at the Helm, Life Line Screening is Improving More Lives through Reliable Preventive Screenings

Life Line Screening is a highly revered company that offers screening services for vascular diseases as a preventive measure. Life Line being the largest screening institution in the United States, millions of people have benefited from its services. This large number goes a long way to show that preventive screening is being embraced by many. Life line screening goes beyond regular check-ups. By using risk algorithm, people who are at risk for vascular diseases but show no symptoms get screened. So reliable is their work that the firm’s database forms a reference for peer-reviewed journals. The database merged with regular intense marketing campaigns ensures that people get to learn about the benefits of preventive screening. In partnership with the reputable University of California and Oxford University, Life Line Screening has continued to foster the progression of scientific research and more information click here.


Screenings Offered

Life Line Screening has a number of screenings in their portfolio currently. To check for the presence of peripheral vascular disease, Life Line Screening conducts two procedures. These procedures are non-invasive ultrasounds of the carotid arteries and abdominal aorta and the measurement of the ankle-brachial index. The firm also does a full range of blood tests for cardiovascular and other diseases. Life Line Screening continues to innovate new tests with the aim of improving lives.


Dr. Andrew Manganaro’s Role

Dr. Andrew Manganaro, the chair and CMO of the Scientific Advisory Network at Life Line Screening works hard to drive top performance. He is mandated to oversee the work of the firm’s certified physicians and research efforts. He is also responsible for quality assurance and clinical accuracy. His drive comes from cases he has handled throughout his career and feels that earlier screenings would have prevented them. He is happy to know that more people are becoming aware of these preventive screenings.


About Life Line Screening

Centrally located in Independence, Ohio, Life Line Screening is committed to offering the most appropriate screening for individual’s unique needs. The highly qualified physicians can give guidance according to family and medical history and Lifeline Screen on Facebook.


Life Line Screening is also passionate about creating awareness for preventive screenings. The firm often organizes screening events in different regions and learn more about Lifeline Screening.

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