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Wen, by Chaz on Fine Hair

Chaz Dean, the creator of Wen, created his product from scratch while still in his early twenties. As he worked his way up the ladder within the salon industry he used his hair care product on his clients, finding the unique qualities of WEN to be an amazing discovery in a salon product line. Today you can find Chaz serving celebrities at his own upscale salon in Hollywood, CA., called the Chaz Dean Store,

In an article posted on, written and tested by Emily McClure, Wen is put to the test on fine hair. Emily first begins her experiment with the new product at night and on greasy, dirty hair. She follows the directions on the bottle that requires her to use, at the minimum, ten pumps of the shampoo/conditioner. Feeling as though this was an astronomical amount of product, she followed through. As directed on the bottle, she massaged the product into her scalp, pulled through to the ends, left the product in for a few minutes, and finally rinsed. Emily stated she lost less hair in the shower and her hair felt thicker while shampooing. Once she blow dried her hair, she said, “It looked more shiny and bouncy.”

By day five, Emily finally found a routine that worked while using Wen. Although washing and styling in the morning, she found her curls were falling out before the end of her day, but she had an extra amount of shine that she enjoyed. Over-all Emily found Wen to be a little more work than she expected, but the extra shine was nice. For a more product information, visit the website and Twitter page.

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    June 7, 2018 at 9:22 am

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