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Vijay Eswaran: Transforming Fear to Success

The rags-to-riches story of Vijay Eswaran has inspired a lot of people around the world. From becoming a struggling taxi driver, he decided to quit his job and study at a university. He managed to graduate and was awarded a bachelor’s degree, and he used his education to his advantage. He joined companies and started working his way up. He was first introduced to the world of networking by a close friend, and he treated the industry as a part-time job. However, he realized later on that he is earning more through networking. Vijay Eswaran decided that he will be leaving his job to take on a serious career in networking, which eventually became a success.

He is now writing inspirational articles to those who wanted to start up a business. One of the most recent articles that he wrote down was how an individual could harness fear to become their advantage. He noted three things that an entrepreneur should remember. The first would be learning that fear is equivalent to excitement in disguise. Then, one should note that everything which does not hinder them to success must be their energizer. Lastly would be using fear as a means to grow tremendously.

Vijay Eswaran provided the guide for the readers and kept on advising the people that they would have a great chance to succeed if they would be serious about it. He also highlighted the importance of character and professionalism, because it would differentiate an individual from others. He also said that education is important, and sharing his experiences as an example. Someone who did not finish their education could still end up being successful, but receiving a diploma from a university would increase their chances of doing better in life. Vijay Eswaran continues to become an inspiration for a lot of people.

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