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Twenty-One Hours And Fifty Tweets Later, Shervin Pishevar Makes His Points

It might have taken twenty-one hours and fifty tweets in total for Shervin Pishevar to make the points that he wanted to make, but there was no question that he got his message across just like he wanted to. It reached a lot of people, and in doing so, Shervin Pishevar was able to accomplish the goals that he set out to accomplish.

In case you don’t know, Shervin Pishevar is most famous for being an early investor in Uber. He has parlayed his success with that company into many other successful ventures and has earned a lot of media time speaking to the financial press about whatever issues of the day are concerning him. He does this a lot because he wants to make sure that the public out there knows where he stands on certain issues, and he wants to counter some of the points that are made by other commentators from time to time about certain economic terms.

The tweet storm unleashed by Shervin Pishevar this time had a lot to do with poking fun at the Trump Administration and the cheerleading that they have been getting from many people in the financial media and beyond. Pishevar clearly states that he does not agree that the economy is going to be headed even higher than where it stands today. In fact, he breaks from conventional wisdom in some ways and says that he thinks that the stock market is actually going to fall by about six-thousand points or perhaps even a little more in the not so distant future. He is basing this projection on the idea that things are not nearly as fundamentally stable in the economy as people are led to believe.

That was the scary kind of tweet that kicked off this entire process of a tweet storm that came from Shervin Pishevar. He had many others that pointed out that the American Dream is not just an American thing anymore. He also made the case that this country has too many monopolies and that this is a problem for future economic growth. Everything he said was a strong point that definitely deserved to be mentioned, and he was not afraid to do exactly that.

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