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Todd Lubar giving you a heads up on the latest real estate trends in Baltimore

Even though most newsrooms only show you the negative side of Baltimore, Todd Lubar a high profile businessman says that the country’s real estate sector packs a lot of positives that investors and the world, in general, should turn its eyes to.

According to Todd, there are plenty of exciting trends that are turning out to be game changers in real estate. For instance, he talks of how investors are turning trash into gold by focusing on the conversion of old, rundown buildings into posh, contemporary structures.


For instance, a few years ago, first time visitors to 10 light street would be rudely surprised by the old washed out historic landmarks, but now times have changed and what greets their eyes when they visit the same spot is a chic, expansive modern gym and training center which happens to be the brainchild of a real estate company known as Under Armor. This is just but one of the projects as there are many others coming up in future.


According to Todd Lubar, this is a great investment strategy because Baltimore’s status quo favors the young professionals and adults who find it affordable to live here. By investing in similar projects then investors will get to plow back mega profits because there are many people who are in need of chic housing facilities. Furthermore, the country’s administration continues to loosen up its ropes regarding private investors which further makes it a prime destination for them.


In one of his regular articles on Medium, Todd Lubar also urges investors to venture into Potomac’s real estate sector as it is booming with opportunities. According to him, Potomac’s economy is on fire a factor that has contributed to many people moving into the area in search of job opportunities. Hence making it the best season for investors to invest in properties. However, he goes on to add a few factors that they should consider such as financing and limited inventory to help them make informed choices.


Who is Todd Lubar?


Having been a player for close to two decades now, Todd Lubar is one of the biggest names in Baltimore’s real estate sector. He is the current president of TDL global ventures and serves senior positions in other prominent companies. His vast real estate acumen and journey to the top dates back to 1977 when he was still a young student at Sidwell friend’s school. A few years later he received his BA in speech communication from Syracuse University and he immediately put his fresh skills into action when he joined Crestar Mortgage Corporation.


It is while here that Todd Lubar got an intimate encounter with real estate and also an opportunity to finesse his skills in mortgage and other matters related to the sector before joining Legacy financial group in 1999. Since then he has never looked back and it has been milestone after milestone for him.


Today he is one of Baltimore’s real estate pioneers and shares his vast knowledge of the sector’s trends with investors through his blog on the Medium. Besides real estate, Todd Lubar is a man of many hats and owns a string of businesses in other arenas such as the entertainment, recycling and demolition industries.


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