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The Spectacular Story of EOS

For years, lip balm was pretty standard. You were most likely guaranteed to buy a stick of chapstick when you needed lip balm. Also, back in the day, lip balm was pretty boring. There were only two flavors; original and cherry. Most people were happy with these choices because they were the only items available, until now. The lip balm industry has changed significantly. Gone are days of the boring chapstick, now there is another brand out there, that’s exciting, vibrant with great lip balm choices. This lip balm company is called Evolution of Smooth.

Evolution of Smooth or EOS as its famous for, came on the scene recently. When everyone saw the little pastel color balls of lip balm, craziness ensued. Everyone loved the packaging and they equally loved the flavor choices. Soon celebrities like, Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus were seen with the lip balm. Once EOS was approved by celebrity clientele, the rest was history, it became a huge hit. EOS lip balm can now be found in every fashion and beauty magazine, having their advertisements seen by millions(

) every day.

EOS has entered an over-saturated market and has beaten their competition substantially. EOS sells 1 million lip balms every week reports, outpacing Chapstick and Blistex with record numbers. The lip care industry is scheduled to see a growth of $2 billion in a few years due to consumers’ desire to purchase natural and organic lip balm.

EOS lip balm changed the lip care industry by doing one major thing: changing the century-old packaging. Putting their fruity-flavored lip balm in a sphere differentiates it from every other lip balm in the market.

You can find more information of EOS lip balm in this article.


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  1. George Mason
    March 15, 2017 at 1:24 am

    They decided to be different and it’s paying off, in a spectacular way. EOS is bound to succeed because they specialize in natural organic lip balm. I like to is reliable so I can start to gather enough facts for them now.