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Roberto Santiago Bringing Culture And Entertainment To Joao Pessoa

Although Joao Pessoa is a rapidly growing city, shopping options had severely lacked in the area. Thanks to Robert Santiago’s new luxury mall development, there will be a large variety of local and international chains available. The idea of the mall is to offer comfort, uniqueness, and convenience to the surrounding upper-middle class neighborhoods. The mall is also the largest to be built in the state.

The construction of the project was no joke. The mall structure had originally been completed in 1989 and took two years of work. The total area of the structure covers 10,000 m². The is an 8 screen cinema, Gold Strike Bowling, large buffets, gyms and much more. The College of Higher Education of Paraíba even has a small satellite campus inside. The parking space is one of the biggest in town with over 3,000 spots available. Read more on

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall is one of the only places for teenagers, families and adults alike to have fun. The young city is still barren when it comes to entertainment, so Roberto Santiago had remedied this by inviting some of the best entertainment chains to the mall. There is also a full movie theater with 3D screens. Electronic amusement parks and bowling alleys are also on the inside.

The Gourmet Space is a modernized food court with a diverse selection of restaurants. Brazillian cuisine, McDonald’s, international ethnic foods and more are featured there. The steak and hamburger house is a favorite amongst the locals. Over 200 snack dispensing machines have been installed throughout the mall as well.

The Domus Hall is a new addition to the mall since 2016. This is for large concerts and other events to be held on the rooftop of the mall. As one of the largest concerts in Joao Pessoa, it had hosted local cultural events and famous musicians on the roof. The compound is well air-conditioned and has bathrooms designed for high capacity. The walls are sound-proofed so that it does not disturb other venues of the mall. Rap, reggae, rock artists are frequently found in the hall. Space in the hall may also be rented for private weddings, stand-up comedy shows, business presentations, and high school graduations.

Roberto Santiago is one of the most prolific entrepreneurs in Brazil. His career started when he opened his own cartonnage company that has innovative manufacturing techniques. He has since been involved with numerous real estate and development projects similar to this mall project. The Mangeira Shopping Mall was another famous project of his that is making a record amount of revenue. Roberto is a native to Joao Pessoa since 1958 and studied at the local Pio X Marist College. In his person life, he likes to compete in kart and motocross events.

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