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President of WAX Malcolm Casselle

If you grew up in the 90’s, you may remember how things were before the popularity of the internet. Gaming meant you went over your friends house with your newly purchased games and a couple of controllers to enjoy some multiplayer. Now, you can be halfway across the world and play real-time with friends with fast paced and secure connections. The explosive growth of the gaming industry has also created the need for in game currency, where you make transactions without leaving your home. Although, they are very popular, everyone still hasn’t jumped on the online gaming transaction bandwagon.

That is where Malcolm Casselle and WAX come into play. Malcolm the President of WAX, which actually stands for Worldwide Asset Exchange. Malcolm has a vast knowledge of Computer Science, and he has a degree from both MIT as well as Stanford. Working for many tech companies over the years has lead him to become the President of Wax today. Along with others, they strive to create an online option that changes the idea of gaming transactions, and

Malcolm speaks both Japanese and Mandarin, so along with English he can communicate with people who know gaming. The majority of gamers do buy some form of in game items, and with the addition of WAX, the process is streamlined making it easier and more secure with the one stop option. Basically, you go to WAX and buy your tokens. After purchasing these tokens, you can then buy and sell items without having to leave the screen you are already on. To many in the gaming community this is very important because most don’t want to take much time away from the game they are playing to make a purchase, and learn more about Malcolm Casselle.

The company is growing at a rapid rate, and with Malcolm Casselle as President you can expect more positive reviews to come. He prides himself on success and his resume will show nothing but such. To lead a company with a goal like WAX takes innovative thinking as well as vast knowledge of the market and with Malcolm they have both, and read full article.

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