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Music Industry Lessons From Music Engineer Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson has emerged as one the music industry’s go-to engineers and concert managers. With a resume of clients that include Guns N’ Roses, Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga, Hutson has earned his reputation through professionalism, creativity and unique execution abilities. During a recent interview, Hutson unveiled a few lessons he learned while working as an entrepreneur in the music industry. These lessons not only serve as guidance, shared to empower others, but also as inspiration for entrepreneurs aspiring to be successful.


Hutson’s start came during the recession, when his employer was experiencing difficulties due to the failing economy. The downturn of the market inspired Hutson to start his own firm- at a time when starting a business was a big risk. Focusing on enhancing his reputation, he focus on working hard, playing close attention to details, and committing to working long hours in order to display dedication and professionalism. Arriving to work before 7am- long before the crew arrives- Hutson prepares each day with a to do list that keeps him to organized. Repeatedly, he checks his work, looking for mistakes that could potentially compromise the quality of the performance. He fully prepares for each event by strategically managing his crew so that they are optimally efficient and productive.


Thinking even further ahead, Hutson spends his time during the show preparing for the end. By instructing the crew to prepare materials and equipment so that it is ready to be removed from the venue soon after the show ends, he further improves his reputation for being efficient before, during and after an event.


While envisioning the venue and production, he also merged technology with creativity, which requires that he keeps up with new developments. Impressing performers like Pink and Lady Gaga- both of whom embrace illustrious creativity- with eye-catching videos and light schemes is how Hutson developed marketable skills and distinguished himself with a creative brand. As a result, his clients began recommending his services to other performers- which all started the emergence of his business.


As a reputable production manager and live sound engineer who has worked with celebrities like Kid Rock and Maxwell, Clayton Hutson started with a vision, as a time when all odds were against him. With confidence and determination fueling his actions, he branded his business by developing a reputation that differentiated him from everyone else in the music industry. From there, he was able to emerge as a respected entrepreneur, serving as an concert and tour manager who is capable of creating, designing and executing a memorable live concert experience. Learn more:

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