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Meet Mark Mofid, the Leader, and Innovator

Mark Mofid stated in an interview that his La Jolla facility has a Cutera laser to remove hair and treat veins. They provide facial resurfacing with dermabrasion and chemical peels. The surgery center is AAAASF/Medicare accredited and offers laser packages. It has connections with a laser company to satisfy advanced laser services, not in the clinic. Mofid assures his patients true and tried technologies on their bodies.

The great innovator trusts the services they offer and believes that delivering good work is an ideal method to win clients. Dr. Mofid has invested in proficient and experienced employees in all departments to provide excellent and satisfied services to patients. His team of workers includes one nurse, four front office workers, and two surgical technologists. The recruiting panel employs a background check and screening on all applicants to avoid employing persons with criminal records. Mofid uses the strategy as a marketing technique in the competitive sector. Mofid and his team offer nonsurgical services at a friendly cost.

About Mark Mofid

Mark Mofid acquired an outstanding education from Harvard University and John Hopkins University School of Medicine. The plastic surgeon is known for his efforts in advocating for safe implants. Mark has a notable success rate, right from school to his occupation. He takes the patients through the procedure and risks involved before he starts the implantation.

Dr. Mofid works on making the field better by introducing better and ratio proportional implants to replace the old versions. He aims to lower the rate of complications likely to result after the surgery process and in future years. He ensures that he delivers what the patients want and in a safe way. The practitioner uses his skills and experience in handling human muscles to make patients happy. Mark Mofid has devoted his services to improve the future of surgical industry.

Mark Mofid boasts of an eight-year experience in the industry of plastic surgery. His mission is to create a solution for effects caused by the previous implants. The sector leader has devoted his time and finances to master the gluteal augmentation practice. Dr. Raul Gonzalez is a globally known practitioner who has motivated Mofid to try out new aspects.

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