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Impact of the OSI Food Solutions Doubled Chicken Production

OSI Food Solutions is one of the widely reputed companies in the global platform and one of the largest producers of food products. The company has over the years been partnering with world premier food service providers and retail food companies. This partnership has made it possible for OSI Food Group to come up with practical food solutions that satisfy the needs of many customers worldwide. The company has expanded into many other nations worldwide and its presence in Spain has been a breakthrough.

OSI Food Solutions branch in Spain has received €17 million as a form of an investment fund which has overseen the expansion in the chicken products production line. Since the deal was completed, the capacity of chicken produces has surged from 12,000 tons to 24,000 ton on yearly basis. The production center is based in Toledo, Spain and the company has overseen the production of more than 45,000 tons of quality chicken, beef and pork products.

The core goal and motive of OSI Food Group have always been to create more job openings. This recent partnership project has overseen the creation of 20 new jobs openings in the production field and related services. This means that 20 more people have been employed to boost manpower to the existing 140 employees. This project has also made it easy for the Spain branch to create a product development manager position. This move was to ensure there is dedicated leadership to oversee the success of both product development and uninterrupted enhancement of existing produce.

Jose Maria del Rio, the managing director of OSI Food Solutions Spain was delighted to say that the plant expansion is a counter-reaction to the growing demand for chicken produce in Spain as well as in Portugal. Jose Maria went on to support the project and said the company is ready to meet the fast-growing demand. This project has also led to the expansion of the existing production halls, clearing and forwarding areas, refrigerated spaces, oil storage spaces, supplies storage facilities, hot water, and nitrogen storage tanks as well as the social spaces for workers.

Chief Operating Officer and the OSI President, David McDonald said he was delighted with the progress so far and stated that the expansion strategy will make it easy for the company to increase its products portfolio, reach new food service clients as well as new retail accounts. OSI Food Solutions Spain has paid much attention to the sustainable facets of the company to meet its high global standards.


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