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IDLife is Giving People a Second Life

IDLife is a company that focuses on nutrition and health products. What makes it different from its competitors is that it allows the consumer to find tailor made solutions for their health needs. It is not a “one size fits all” approach towards all things nutrition. It all starts with a free online assessment that puts the customer through a questionnaire. The questions are there to help assess what type of nutritional plan is best suited for each person.

However, the answers that are given for the questions are HIPAA Compliant, which means they will not be made public. This is all about the philosophy of respecting peoples privacy. The questionnaire divides it into six categories. They are as follows:
• Dietary
• Lifestyle
• Personal
• Medical
• Physical
• Medications

However, as with any health supplement, it is always a better idea to check with the physician before trying this product. The following are the seven basic products available.

IDLife Energy Shot
This is a caffeine based drink. It contains 150mg of caffeine which has shown to be the optimum amount to keep you going throughout the day.

IDLife Sleep
This is the opposite of the Energy shot. It comes in the form of a mint flavored pill which you allow to dissolve on your tongue. It is non-habit forming and helps those who have difficulty falling asleep.

IDLife Kids
Nutritional products formulated for children ensure they get the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. It is also tasty to eat.

IDLife Shake
A milk shake with a difference, this whey protein based shake is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and fiber, with minimal calories designed for fast recovery and muscle growth.

IDLife Appetite Control
This one is for those who are having trouble keeping their weight down. It is a capsule you take to help curb hunger.

ID Nutrition
As the name indicates, this is more of a general nutrition product loaded with vitamins and other healthy elements such as fiber.

IDLife was started by Logan Stout a highly successful baseball player. He has built the company based on the MLM principle which means there is a business opportunity here for those who are interested.

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