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How We Recover Contraband Using Securus Technologies

My job as a corrections officer involves me spending a considerable amount of time each day searching for illegal contraband the inmates have gotten their hands on. Whether it is brought in by visitors or smuggled in another way, this is a huge problem for my staff because it can create a number of violent situations. The days of using full-body searches and surprise cell inspections is no longer our only resource, thanks in part to the help of Securus Technologies.


The team at Securus Technologies installed a new inmate call system that allows us to better monitor the calls that our inmates are making. We trust this company and CEO Rick Smith for one reason, he says that his entire staff of a thousand employees and work to one objective, making this world a safer place for us all to live. Once we were trained to use the LBS software, it opened up a number of avenues for letting us know where contraband was in the jail.


These inmates can be especially crafty and getting things and keeping them just out of sight. Even if they were able to get their hands on drugs, they go from being a problem to a serious problem because many inmates on heroin turn into monsters, requiring a half-dozen officers to detain and control the suspect before they hurt anyone. Weapons are an even bigger problem because all of my staff, the inmates, and even the visitors are at risk.


We began using the new software a month ago, and in that time have made some amazing discoveries. By monitoring the calls, we have discovered where inmates are hiding contraband in their cells, which inmates are using drugs when the lights go out, and how they are able to acquire this contraband so easily.


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