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How To Throw A Perfect Party For Your Loved Ones

Throwing a party can be quite an overwhelming endeavor. No matter how many guests you plan on inviting, there are lots of components to a party that can result in stress. From the food to the invitations, everything needs to be just right.


That’s why we asked real event planners in NYC for their best party-planning tips. By following their advice, you can throw a flawless and memorable party without losing your cool.



  1. Hire Professional Help


Even if you’re throwing a small party for ten guests, you can greatly benefit from hiring one of the many professional event planning companies in NYC. Twenty Three Layers, for instance, is a full-service planning company that can provide every service imaginable from elegant decor to upscale catering.



  1. Stay Organized


Spreadsheets are a great tool for any kind of event. They can help you keep track of every detail including guests’ food allergies and music playlists.



  1. Stick to Simple Food


If you’re entertaining a large group of guests, a sit-down dinner isn’t necessary. Elegant but simple finger foods will keep your guests satisfied for the duration of your party. Instead of spending hours laboring in the kitchen, make food that can be prepared quickly and ahead of time.



  1. Create a Bar Station


Instead of hiring a professional bar service, create an elegant but functional bar area so that guests can serve themselves. Stock it with a variety of beverages as well as garnishes, drinking glasses, ice and cocktail napkins.



  1. Create a Space Just for Kids


If your guests are bringing kids, it’s crucial that you come up with a way to keep the little ones entertained so that the guests can relax. A special space just for kids will allow your friends with children to enjoy the party while their kids are satisfied.





Thanks to these tips from professional party and corporate event planners in New York, you can throw a flawless party that will dazzle your guests without losing your sanity.


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