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How Oncotarget Is Influencing the Medical Field

For quite some time, access to scientific publication has been the main reason for the growing ignorance and lack of research in the medical industry. Not anymore. Thanks to two researchers, Andrei V. Gudkov and Mikhail V. Blagosklonny from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute this script has been changed. Dr. Andrei and Mikhail stared Oncotartget an online peer-reviewed publication that was started to provide free access to scientific research studies both for a research finding purposes and for informational use. Over time, the publication has been able to achieve much success. This has necessitated the editors to increase the publication scope from oncology to include other medical areas including Neurotarget, Autophagy, Aging, Immunology, Neurotarget, Pathology, Circadian Rhythm, Microbiology, Cell Death, and Neuroscience.

With the weekly publication of Oncotarget publication, researchers and scholars can benefit greatly from these publications. For instance, now researchers do not have to wait long duration of time to make their finds known to the world. With the peer-review publication, you can publish your work half way done and through the online comment section get ideas and concept to write your research to completion.

Secondly, Oncortarget helps provide a large pool of resources to medical students. Since books and other traditional publication are relevant to the field of medicine, Oncotarget provides a much better, simpler and current source of information for research work. Thanks to this information sources, students get to spend lesser time completing their projects.

To ensure that their goal and mission of maximizing the insightful view of scientific knowledge is achieved all over the world rapidly is achieved; the editors have made sure that the publication is available in almost all major languages of the world. This is important and as it ensures that, no region or corner of the world is left out in the disbursement of scientific research.

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Currently with the publication being released freely once a week, at least there is good progress being made in the science world and proof is in the figures. The publication has been able to realize an impact factor of 2.272 a year and 2.235 over the last five-year. At least with this, we are closing in the gap of life without diseases very soon. Follow Oncotarget journal on Twitter.

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