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How End Citizens United is Going to Make a Change

The point of End Citizens United is to make a change in the way that corporations are able to donate money to the candidates that they support. End Citizens United feels that this is unfair and it takes a huge amount of power away from the actual citizens of the United States. While citizens united is supposed to be something that makes America better, it has actually caused major problems for the actual citizens. Corporations are not citizens and End Citizens United believes that they should not be treated as such because of the issues that come along with the problems in the United States. It is also something that has changed the way that corporations are able to bring more money into the people who they support. They want to make things better and make it harder for citizens to really have a voice during different campaigns.


Citizens United was something that was supposed to help but it was a bill that passed and became detrimental for all of the citizens that it was, supposedly, going to be able to help. Since the bill has been passed, more corporations have donated than citizens and that is evidence of the issues that come along with the things that are going on. It has led to people not being able to have their voice heard and candidates making more money simply because a corporation is more interested in them than they are the other candidate that is doing things with the election that they are a part of.


When End Citizens United first started, they didn’t know that things were going to go the way that they are currently going. They wanted to see success in the area that they are in but they also wanted to make it easier for people to be able to do more. It was something that truly brought change to the industry and to the people who were working. While End Citizens United has already brought in over 4 million dollars for their cause, they have projected over 35 million by the end of the year with the things that they are going to do.


All of the changes that have happened because of End Citizens United have been positive ones for the people who want to be able to vote and make money. It is something that has made it easier for people to truly make a difference and something that has brought attention to the different things that are happening in the election area of the United States. While End Citizens United has been instrumental in the changes that they have made, they know that they will be able to do even more if they can just continue growing.

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