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George Soros Donates His Wealth to Charity

There are very few people in the world like George Soros, for a variety of different reasons. George Soros is a billionaire philanthropist who has spent almost his entire life engaging in the fight for equality, social justice, and freedom of expression. His work as a brilliant hedge fund manager has actually come in second place to his focus on the Open Society Foundations, a philanthropic outreach group that he had established almost thirty years ago. The Open Society Foundations recently was revealed to have received a massive influx of donations from George Soros himself. Financial disclosure reports revealed that over the past several years, Soros himself has donated nearly $18 billion to his charity. What has brought Soros on such a charitable bend? It all revolves around Washington D.C.George Soros has been one of the more foremost progressive voices in the world over the past half-century. He loudly took a stand against George W. Bush’s invasion into Iraq and then followed it up with action, supporting Al Gore for President. Soros has been a political maven for years and as such he has come under intense scrutiny and fire by America’s right wing.

However, even now they would have a hard time judging him for his massive charitable donations.Soros’ decision to give over $18 billion to his charity started back in 2016 in the wake of Donald Trump’s shocking election night win. Soros called a spade a spade when he acknowledged the rising surge of hate crimes in the country. Soros made a $10 million donation at the time saying, “We must do something to push back against what’s happening here.” He went on to point out that, “Dark forces have been awakened” by Trump’s divisive and dangerous rhetoric.George Soros stood tall next to Hillary Clinton during her campaign against Trump and he was an active liberal and progressive donor for other politicians make their run during the election season. Soros and the Open Society Foundations have worked in over 120 different countries around the world in order to spread the core ideals that progressives believe in: open faith, freedom of expression, education, and transparency in government.

Soros and the Open Society Foundations helped to fight for marriage equality in America, freedom for the Roma people throughout Europe, and they even supported Africans who were struggling under the thumb of apartheid in Africa. The Open Society Foundations makes it their business to help those that need it and this massive charitable donation will go a long way toward addressing that fact.George Soros has been a staunch supporter of the Open Society concept, made famous by writer Karl Popper, and it is due in large part to his past. Soros lived through Nazi Hungary and saw first hand just how vile and dangerous a closed society could be. As a result, Soros has become one of the foremost champions of human rights, ethics, and progressive policies around the world. Soros’ massive donation will be only the tip of the iceberg of the work he is setting up to do in the coming years.


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