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Fyre Festival

The smart and entertainment elite set has designated two weekends in the spring for a total immersion in sound, sense and island escape; it is the Fyre Festival, and it’s time to get your tickets to attend. For two days and nights, on April 20,21 and May 5-7, Cay Island in the Bahamas hosts the most intensive and extravagant music festival of the year. Learn more about Fyre Festival:

About one hour south of Miami or a lifetime away from the boring and mundane lifestyle is the where the Fyre Festival takes place. The event takes over the entire island, but you must purchase a package, which includes your ticket for the both days of the festival. The entire island focuses on two solid days and nights of rock music and the bands will be announced. When you purchase a ticket for yourself or your group, everything is provided: the private plane to Cay Island, accommodations, excellent 24-hour cuisine, DJ, music and a fabulous treasure hunt.

According to Elle, besides the outstanding music, Fyre Festival also holds an incredible treasure hunt, You’ll have fun tracking down clues and surprises while you are there, and the prizes total over a million dollars. The accommodations start with a small condo with many other selections up to the extravagant cruise boats.

Models and music fans from all around the world will be on the island for Fyre Festival. To enter the Island and become a part of the Fyre Festivities, all you need to do is purchase a package, which includes the ticket to the Festival. These two days will be a spectacular musical adventure into the unexpected and unconventional. Read more: Fyre Festival | Facebook

So, if you are in for a fantastic, high-class get-a-way, with hours of spectacular music and parties, Fyre Festival is approaching soon! The packages can be paid for either in one lump sum or in monthly installments until April. Celebrities and models galore will be there, and you can be there too. Start planning now!

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  1. Wellington Bright
    January 20, 2017 at 8:43 am

    VIP upgrades are available for any of the packages, which brings accommodations and delicious cuisine to a higher level and includes backstage passes and after-parties with the bands. These things are very easy and reviews can attest to that fact for real.