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Fabletics Takes on Amazon One Legging at a Time

There was once a time when women’s athletic wear was black or grey and held little differentiation from men’s sportswear. Women clamored far and wide for more stylish choices in athleisure wear. In 2013, a whole new world opened up for women’s athletic wear, by an unlikely hero, celebrity movie star Kate Hudson and against all odds it is succeeding to great heights. This was no easy feat considering Amazon is the reigning king of e-commerce fashion with a whopping 20% of control. A large portion of this burgeoning and somewhat surprising success is how Kate and her partners, the founders of the TechStyle Fashion Group, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, used the reverse showroom technique.

Traditional showroom techniques are killing similar business. Customers browse shops offline but then search out the same brands online at cheaper prices. Fabletics allows consumers to browse the exact products online and then captures the data and relays it to their local store. They have found a way to integrate online shopping into their retail stores and its breaking the bank. Their Lifestyle Quiz is a perfect tool for shoppers. It asks questions about their activities and then suggests the best athleisure wear for their life. All suggestions can be purchased online or in a brick and mortar Fabletics store. This one simple quiz simplified the task of buying athleticwear to an artform.

Kate Hudson has proven to be the right choice in partner for Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, who searched for a celebrity partner that could help endorse the brand but also have a much more far-reaching affect. They admired her approachability and active lifestyle. Once they heard she only took on projects she felt strongly about, they made sure she was the first person they approached. From the onset, Kate has been an integral part of the brand, thwarting bad press from other celebs on social media and spearheading an effort to upgrade customer service and open a wider range of communication options. It is obvious her heart is all in on this project and it seems to be a winner for their customer base as well. It has become a $250 million company in only three year.

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