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Equities First Holdings; The Investors Investor

Started in 2002 Equities First Holdings is a company that helps investors in a wide range of solutions. The company purchased Meridian Equity Partners Limited in 2014. One of the main services it provides is shareholder financing and margin loans for seemingly traded stock. Ever since it was started it has gone on to become one of the largest shareholder financing companies. In this short amount of time, the company has gone on to create alliances with leading investment banks, law firms, and custodian banks. Headquartered in London, the company has overseen over 2000 transactions and has opened offices in China, Australia, US, Asia and South Africa. The overseas branches have grown to be successful enough to be seen as independent companies and more information click here.


The main financial service this company is involved in is to give loans using stocks as collateral. The reason why the company decided to go this route is that there is an international need for stock based loans, as there were not a lot of companies involved in this type of service. Since its inception, the company has done nearly $2 billion worth of stock related transactions. The reason why this type of loan service became popular was that during financial difficulty it may become difficult for a business to take loans. That is when alternative loans are looked into; hence stock as collateral loans. One of the main benefits of stock based loans compared to margin based loans is lower interest rates. Stock based loans also come with less strict qualification criterion and learn more about Equities First Holding.


For companies that need a loan now but do not have any other option, or at least only a few options, are the types that would approach an institution such as Equities First Holdings for a loan. During the financial crisis of 2008, this type of loan guarantee became extremely attractive for a lot of companies. This is because most major banks were shying away from giving margin based loans. Equities First Holdings meanwhile was guiding many companies towards financial independence and prosperity and Equities Firsts Hoding’s lacrosse camp.


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