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Emotional Family Moments Between Inmates and Family Provided Through Video Visitation by Securus Technologies Inc.

It is impossible not to get choked up when watching the video of a father watching his son unwrap presents on Christmas Day. The emotional moment captures a man in prison communicating via video with his relatives and getting to share in all the joys that come with the holiday season. He sees the expression on the face of his boy as he opens the gifts that he has chosen for him. The tears and the smiles are contagious.


For the man in jail this is more than an online chat; this is a visit home and a chance to join an experience he would normally not be privy to. Instead of his family coming to a prison environment for a visit, it is as if the inmate gets a reprieve from jail and is able to take a trip home. The happy banter between father and son is likely the best gift this young child will receive.


The overall impact on families cannot accurately be tallied when they have access to their loved ones who are behind bars. It means that parents will get to see their children open presents this Christmas, husbands and wives will be able to communicate as if face to face, and communities will have a true sense of connection with those they love. The benefits for children are immeasurable as they can engage in a back and forth with parents they otherwise would not get to see as often.


Studies have shown that recidivism rates are lower when inmates have access to systems that allow for family contact. The general outcome with prisoners who are released is much better and the impact to the community is more positive when relationships have been nurtured from inside prison walls.


Securus Technologies Inc. provides a visitation system to enable those incarcerated to participate in important family moments via video chat. Family members can visit Securus Technologies website to make an appointment for a video phone call that works much like Skype.


Securus has an A+ rating the Better Business Bureau and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies services more than 1,000,000 inmates in North America and Mexico, providing systems for phone calls and other needs related to law enforcement and corrections.



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