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Doe Deere Makeup Routine

When it comes to the morning makeup routine of many ladies in the modern world, one leading expert full of excellent beauty advice is none other than Doe Deere. She is the founder of the highly popular Lime Crime beauty brand, and countless women around the world turn to her advice to look their best. In fact, urban women see looking great as a symbol of success and pride. By taking a peek at Doe Deere’s morning makeup ritual, all women can glean what secrets can lead to their own youthful and rejuvenated look every day.


Doe Deere wakes up bright and early at 8:30 a.m. every morning. She makes sure that she gets an adequate 9 hours of sleep every night; although everyone’s preference is different, 9 hours is what works best for her. Part of her secret to clear skin is getting good nightly rest. She also prefers to start her day by drinking a full glass of water; this is especially important as she lives in Los Angeles, where the air is dry and at times polluted as well, so staying hydrated makes natural sense. Doe Deere also informs us that although she does not consider herself the most athletic person, that every day after getting fully hydrated, she likes to do some stretches. Her favorite stretch is the “cat/camel” exercise that makes her back feel very relaxed. It is only after this morning ritual that she begins to make her favorite breakfast; her favorite breakfast is grits, which is a kind of hot cereal. Doe Deere also enjoys having Yogurt, Fruit, and Freshly squeezed orange juice, which she makes using organic oranges picked from her tree.


In the mornings, Doe Deere uses Glossier face wash; this is a mild face wash that smells like roses that she says she loves! Then her makeup routine begins with her favorite moisturizer called Murad Hydro Dynamic Quenching Essence. Finally, she does her makeup, first applying her foundation, which is either L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation or MAC’s Studio Fix; she plans to deliver her foundation makeup brands soon. Doe Deere sets her makeup with powder before filling in her eyebrows and moving onto her cheeks and lips. Blush and lipstick are her favorite parts of her routine. She usually uses pink or red-colored blush, in combination with a bold red or pink lipstick.


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