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David McDonald Leading OSI Group

In 1909 in Aurora, Illinois, a family opened a corner shop called Otto’s Meat Market. The founder of the small shop was a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. He started it to support his family in the United States.

The business grew and changed its name to Otto & Sons later in 1928. As the small corner shop extended into a larger company, the business opened a new chapter in its line of work and changed its name again in 1975, becoming known by its current name OSI Industries LLC. The business truly started taking off n the 50s when Ray Kroc, one of the McDoland’s leaders at the time, selected the Otto & Sons to be one of its meat suppliers.

The OSI Group became hugely thriving across the United States of America and quickly expanded over the world. That was largely due to the current CEO of the business, Mr. Sheldon Lavin. He has been with the company for many decades and worked towards its growth into an international an then into a global corporation, and what David knows.

Up to date, the OSI Group is on top of its line of work in the industry of value-added products. The company has expanded across the globe and can be found on almost all continents. Over the years, the OSI Group has started operating in the Philippines, Australia, Asia, and Europe. It has operations in 17 countries with more than 65 facilities. There are 20 000 employees working for the OSI Group. The OSI Group has streamlined plans for expansion and will be establishing more facilities over the next couple of years focusing on China and Europe, and contact them.

Most recently, the corporation has extended its operations in Spain, Europe. With the completion of the expansion project in Toledo, Spain, OSI Group has doubled its capacity for paultry processing through its OSI Food Solutions facility based in the Spanish city. The expansion project cost over 17 million euro but increased the capacity. It also opened up 20 additional job positions which brought the total workforce of the facility to 160 people.

One of the leaders of the OSI Group is Mr. David McDoland who has been working as the President of the corporation for decades. He started up in his current position in 1987 and has been the President of the business for 31 years, and

Before starting his career, Mr. David McDoand graduated from the Iowa State University with a bachelor’s and then worked in a few companies before joining OSI, and read full article.

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