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Central Regional Mobility Authority, transforming people lives

Mike Heiligenstein presently serves as an Executive Director in a multimodal transport organization in Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. He has been working in development management of Mobility Authority that was once a small transportation company to the current large scale globally recognized firm leading in road provision services and operations. The work he managed since 2003. Mike supervised the building of the first iconic toll road 183A for the duration of his occupancy at the agency. Mike showed the way to the development of maximum efficiency by implementing a cheap and readily available technology.


The active and vocal campaigner for bicycle and pedestrian equipment, Mike Heiligenstein, is the guy who knows how to get things done. For instance, he worked tirelessly to ensure the provision of state of the art equipment through projects undertaken by Mobility Authority. His more than 30 years experience as a public official lead him to make infrastructure projects his focal point of modus operandi. A series of projects on transportation that he engineered included getting hold of parkland and developing Brushy Creek Regional Trail.


There was an intense argument by the American-Statesman concerning the traffic jam that was foreshadowed to increase in Austin. The area was in dire need of an essential technology evaluation to get to the bottom of the looming catastrophe. Mike Heiligenstein applauded the Statesmen for discovering a critical issue by acknowledging that there was a need for an assortment of resources to tackle the traffic menace, a task that Central Regional Mobility Authority was prepared to undertake.


Central Regional Mobility Authority could avail any mobility solutions on roads. 183a Toll Road they had constructed in Cedar Park was changing the living standards of communities. As a result, there was an increase in areas and people served by the facility. Also, the firm had developed U.S. 290 toll road situated in the middle of Austin and Manor. The road was three times the size of the other drive and also improved the not toll lanes that existed before.


The key area of focus by Mobility Authority is innovation. For example, the most recent MoPac Express Lanes constructed would provide variable tolling that uses tested and certified technicians in the management of the flow of traffic. Even though doing away with the whole traffic jamming is almost impracticable, Mopac has reduced traffic considerably. As a matter of fact, they have set the bar high for competing factions.


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