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Business Success: Doe Deere

Doe Deere came to New York in 1998 to follow her dreams. She played in a band where she met her husband and was enjoying life. However, she felt she wanted to pursue her passion in helping women feel beautiful.


Doe Deere loved makeup and also loved bright colors. At the time, bright pinks, blues, and greens weren’t an easy color to find in the makeup world. She decided to create her own shades and share them with the world. Starting with Ebay, the account called “LimeCrime” was set up and a new brand of animal friendly makeup was born.


The inspiration wasn’t just from the lack of fun colors, but also allowing women to express themselves and show off their true confidence. She wants all women to feel comfortable and happy with the makeup that they put on and at the time the only shades that were easy to find were natural colors. Today, you see many more women wearing colors that pop!


When providing advice on how others can become happy and successful, Doe Deere always says to just be yourself. She is a firm believer in being positive and following your dreams. She continues to mention that everyone has a unique to them skill that no one else can do better than yourself and you need to use that in a positive way to help yourself grow.


Even when her company, Lime Crime, had a hacker attack their system in 2014, she used it as a learning lesson. They built their system back up, got more customer service to keep customers happy, and took all possible measures to make sure it never happens again so past, present, and future customers can feel safe making purchases from them.


Lime Crime is obviously known for the fun colors they provide, but they also donate to multiple organizations such as the Red Cross and Adopt NY to name a couple. They also maintain being 100% vegan and cruelty free while providing high quality products.


Growing a business is never easy, but Doe Deere has become a down to earth success. She doesn’t forget the little things, reinforces positive management skills, and gives back to the community. All of this happened because she followed her dreams and didn’t forget to just be herself.


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