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Bridget Scarr Elaborates on Creative Process

There are a lot of people that are exploring their creative process. Some people are so creative that they actually build careers based on the type of creative outlook that they have. This is the case for Bridget Scarr. She is an executive producer for Colibri Studios, and she has shown that her creative process is one that is very in-depth. Much of the creativity that has become a force in her life is all part of her ability to interpret situations and put a positive spin on things.


Bridget is someone that has been able to grow and really take time to build a career based on bringing both her personal life and her business life together. She is someone that puts in the time to be creative, but she believes that there is a sense of creativity that comes through meditating. This is where she put a lot of time into digging deep into the depths of her soul to see exactly what made her happy in the beginning.


Bridget is someone that study choreography when she was in college. She would go on to begin a career in producing in virtual reality and animation. She would work on television shows and documentaries. She would have a very full life in the creative process in entertainment. This would come by way of her desire to really tap into what she wanted from life. That became the thing that really gave her the chance to explore new opportunities.


In the early stages of her career as a production assistant few people may have realized that Bridget Scarr was working to build a career as a creative director. After all, her background was in drama and choreography. Bridget would rise in the ranks as she continued to study what others had done in her field. She wanted to create a career path that she would love, but she also wanted to be her own boss. She did not want to be bogged down with so many ideas from other people without taking time to explore her own. It would be through her position as a creative director that she would take time to write and engage in producing. She would bring forth stories based on her own thought process in the way that she saw the world. This would give her the chance to really explore her creative passion fully.


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