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Brian Torchin and the World of Healthcare Staffing

Brian Torchin is an acclaimed professional who works in the healthcare industry. He’s based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he works as HCRC Staffing’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer). HCRC Staffing is an employment agency that assists medical offices that are searching for reliable and capable employees. The company accommodates the employment needs of clients located all throughout the United States and beyond. HCRC Staffing has many clients in Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia.

According to Behance, Brian Torchin has substantial healthcare expertise. His primary focal points, however, are both sports medicine and physical therapy. Although he currently resides in Philadelphia, he actually grew up in Plainview, a community on Long Island in New York.

He went to Plainview – Old Bethpage John F. Kennedy High School in Plainview.

Working with Brian Torchin can be an excellent experience for people. He has many talents. He established HCRC Staffing and because of that is a capable entrepreneur. He’s a skilled chiropractor, too. Chiropractors are physicians who concentrate on matters that relate to the joints.

They’re doctors who understand subjects such as nerve functioning and the musculoskeletal system. They also have significant expertise regarding the spine.

Torchin developed an intense zeal for medicine as a college student. That’s the reason he studied exercise science. He also cares about staffing matters and the medical realm. He realized that staffing in the healthcare world just isn’t overly efficient. He, as a result, made the decision to create HCRC Staffing. His goal was and still is to assist medical professionals who are in need of high-quality staff members.

According to Glass Door, Brian Torchin is like many other people in this world in that he has a page on Facebook, the social networking website. His Facebook page discusses his career. It also delves into his educational background. People who visit his page can view a number of images.

Torchin has a photograph of himself on a work trip in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has a photograph of the massive audience at the Oslo, Norway Chiropractic Seminar as well.

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