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Brian Bonar: Creating Innovative Business Solutions

Brian Bonar is a successful entrepreneur with expertise in building design and development. With attention to detail, Bonar’s impressive portfolio includes work in aviation, retail commercial sites and multi family housing. Earning the prestigious award from The Cambridge Who’s Who, Brian Bonar was awarded the title of Executive of The Year in Finance. With expertise in management of the financial sector, his professional experience extends three decades.

As Company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Dalarada Financial Corporation, Bonar is in charge of employer and employee benefits. Bonar is directly involved with providing company clients with employee programs increasing business efficiency. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Along with increasing business efficiency, employee programs include benefits, risk management insurance and management services. Bonar also maintains the positions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. At Imaging Technologies Corporation, Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer helping to list target markets for small and medium-sized businesses. Bonar is also the acting President of Allegiant Professional Business Service.

Brian Bonar became a successful entrepreneur with a Masters degree from Stafford University in Mechanical Engineering. From his education he’s created enterprises and is skilled in process improvement and sales and marketing strategies.

With a passion for business development, Bonar gained skills in Mergers and Acquisitions.At the beginning of his career, Bonar first worked at IBM gaining outsourcing experience and then receiving the position of Director of Engineering at QMS. Working at QMS, Bonar managed 100 engineers for software and hardware development.

Since 1994, Bonar founded his first enterprise Bezier Systems. Gaining professional expertise in the printing industry, Bonar later became President of Sales and Marketing for ITEC imaging technologies. While working at ITEC imaging technologies and at Allegiant Professional Business Services, he founded AMS Outsourcing. In 1999, Dalarada Financial Services was founded by Bonar to improve management strategy.

At Dalarada Financial Services, Bonar creates and improves direct sales and management strategies. In 2011 Brian Bonar founded the company Trucept, in which he’s currently the CEO and Chairman. Located in San Diego, Bonar’s company Trucept provides temporary staff for businesses and insurance products.


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