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“Brazil’s Biggest Supporter, Ricardo Guimaraes”

The article that I have translated was published on the “Sports Machine.

Ricardo Guimaraes, the president of BMG, has been awarded the Diploma of Honor to Merit from the City Hall. He was presented the Diploma of Honor to Merit by the President of the House, Leo Burgues de Castro, and Councilman Daniel Nepomuceno. Guimaraes is respected by the City Hall because he uses the money that earns to support the sports in Brazil. Amongst all the other entrepreneurs Guimaraes invest the most money into the sports teams. Guimaraes is passionate about helping the sports team because he is a former athlete. He aims to give athletes the opportunities he would have liked when he was in their shoes. He is also appreciated because the BMG bank is well respected by the City Hall.

Ricardo Guimaraes has been dedicated to giving Brazil’s sports teams the best tools for success for years. The diploma of Honor to Merit is only one of the awards that he has received for his good deeds. In 2004, Guimaraes was awarded the Great Collar of Legislative Merit. Guimaraes has invested in the football, Olympic gymnastics, tennis, and volleyball teams. He also has invested in facilities that are not related to sports. The country is not only thankful to Guimaraes because he gives his money. The country is thankful because his investment in the sports team has helped develop the country socially.


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Ricardo Guimaraes was born into a wealthy family. He is the son of a prosperous investor. His father invested in different crops and other things that contributed to farming or were the result of agriculture. Guimaraes’s family has been in control of the Farm Credit Bank since 1930. Brazil is very appreciative of the support that the Guimaraes family has shown for the sports teams in Brazil.

The Farm Credit Bank is a commercial bank that does business with individuals and corporations. Guimaraes’s bank is always changing and finding new ways to develop. The Farm Credit Bank was changed to The Mine Bank several years ago. In 2014, the bank merged with Itau Bank to share in their credit operations. The bank is also supportive of sports and supplying sponsorships. Ricardo has used the success of the BMG Bank to profit the country of Brazil. No other entrepreneur in Brazil measures up to Ricardo Guimaraes of BMG Bank, and all that he has done to contribute to the advancement of the country

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