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Being A Wine Guide As Opposed To A Wine Salesperson

Since the Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling company, they rely on representatives, who they call Wine Guides, to hold wine tasting at host’s homes and promote the wines. Wine Guides earn a commission on orders that they generate, which varies with the dollar value of the wine that guests order.

Like other direct selling companies, the Traveling Vineyard allows their representatives to promote the opportunity to others to earn additional income.

Becoming a member of the Traveling Vineyard entails purchasing a Success Kit, which includes 10 bottles of wine, glasses and marketing materials for two wine tastings. The Traveling Vineyard’s Sommology Kit is included as well, which contains a training program for Wine Guides so that they can educate guests at tastings.

Being a Wine Guide for the Traveling Vineyard involves showing guests the correct way to sample wine and showing them which foods pair best with reds, whites and fizzy wines. Selling is important, however, the wines are very reasonably priced and once people taste them, a Wine Guide does very little selling. It also helps that the Traveling Vineyard’s exclusive wines are not available in any shop. For repeat orders, Wine Guides have a website provided by the Traveling Vineyard, which they may use to recruit new Guides as well.

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