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Ann Scango’s Uniqueness as an Artist

Ann Scango is an American visual artist and sculptor. Her three-dimensional art is recognized across the state of Texas. She is also an artist who loves to tell stories about why she focuses on the themes that she does.

For example, Ann Scango says that motherhood is one of her passions. She loves to explore every aspect of it from the pains to the love for the child. She also talks about artists who explored an aspect of motherhood through their work, such as Kathe Kollwitz’s Woman with a Dead Child and Alice Neel’s Nancy and Olivia. In the first, it’s a mother who is grieving for her child who has passed on. In the second, it’s a nervous mother sitting awkwardly in a chair holding her baby daughter. She appears to fear for her daughter and yet is coming with terms with the responsibilities and caretaking that comes with having a very young child.



Ann Scango’s opinion of motherhood is that it doesn’t necessarily begin when the child is born. It begins when she acutely senses her body going through the motions of the pregnancy. To Scango, the human body itself is a sacred topic. However, the resilence of a woman’s body throughout a pregnancy is even more so. She likens it to putting sand in a pair of pantyhose. Like the sand changing the shape of the pantyhose, the woman’s body also undergoes an equally unpredictable change for the duration of the pregnancy. Being a mother herself, this is something that Scango knows firsthand.


Ann Scango has been making art since she was a child. She also has a lifelong passion for protecting the environment. She often uses natural resources, such as mulch and twigs to make some of her art. Most importantly, even though it took years for her to become successful as an artist, she said that she never doubted herself for a second.

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